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Local Roots—Founded by George E. Spaulding in 1966, the company has roots in the California aggregate industry dating to the late 1930's.
Starting as a construction foreman, George eventually went on to run the operations for Graham Bros. (now Hanson Aggregates) in Los Angeles.

The Rock Business—In 1960, George decided to move to San Juan Capistrano and start an aggregate and ready-mix operation. George built the plant with the help of his good friend Mr. B.H. "Ted" Cockshott.
By 1962, the plant was on-line (in spite of the paint crew, shown on right), helping to build a good portion of Orange County's early infrastructure.


Merger Mania—In late 1965, the operation (aggregates and ready-mix) was purchased by Consolidated Rock (now Vulcan Materials). It eventually ran out of permitted reserves in the 1980's and no longer exists.


New Venture—On January 1, 1966 Spaulding Equipment Co. started "operations" on a small farm in San Juan Capistrano. The company quickly gained popularity as a place where "George" would rebuild cone crushers and put together small systems for his old friends (or new friends on a tight budget!).



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